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Monday, 27 May 2013

We totally realize school has just come to end, but we have been obsessing over the idea of furnishing and decorating our brand new apartments for next year. As students we totally understand the want to purchase expensive stuff but the need to save money. Here are some images we got inspired by (with furniture priced WAY over anything we can afford) so put together individual collages of our own cheaper / more accessible picks too make our rooms look just as fab.

1. Ikea LINNMON/NIPEN table & legs ($79)
5. UO wire storage baskets ($39/each)
7. Ikea HOVET mirror ($129) 
8. UO faux sheep skin rug ($114) 
9. Ikea TOBIAS chair ($89) 

The apartment I'm living in next year is really nice. While my room is pretty small its really the living space I'm excited to furnish. Anyways, since the carpet in bedroom is black, I was really looking to white furniture to make the space feel that much bigger and open (plus I just love white furniture in general). While I do love the look of a super simple and clean room, knowing me, I'm most definitely likely to end up collecting and cluttering my room with tons of stuff. And really, thats always how my room has been accessorized. So while all the stuff I've picked is really clean and simple, I know my room while have its own personal feel once its filled with all my pictures and stuff. One thing I definitely want to do is build a hanging lomo wall with photos of taken this summer/will take using fotoclips from lomography. I've seen it and it looks amaaazing.

- Steph

My bedroom next year is pretty spacey with a fireplace and a window seat, which leaves me with tons of ideas of how to decorate and make the room mine. My main inspiration would be to make my room feel like a loft, with very industrial-type furniture. While the industrial-look I'm aiming for rotates around a black and white colour scheme, I'm planning on accessorizing with cushions, quilts and paintings that are bright and colourful. While black and white do go with everything, I plan on sticking with more pale colours, such as light blues, light pinks and beige. 
My bed is going to be a fluffy white heaven, with cushions/pillows with cool prints (those are a must). 
One of the walls in my room is going to be dedicated to photos. I'm sort of obsessed with my polaroid aka the love of my life, so it only makes sense that I deck out my walls with all my pictures. 
The fireplace in my room is dysfunctional; so obviously, I've decided to turn it into a bookshelf (yes I love reading and yes I'm a dork) one of the many DIYs I have planned for my room hehe. 
I can't wait to start decorating my room and super stoked to show you all the finished product come August. There's a lot of Ikea shopping to be done (balling on a student budget, what) wish us luck with everything!

- Jaein 

P.S. We have a ton of DIYs coming your way.