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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Before Fall finally sets in, we thought that we would attempt to squeeze in a final post featuring lighter layers (if any at all). It's been a busy couple of weeks, and so it was nice to let loose and enjoy the warmer weather earlier this week.

When the temperature drops, I have a tendency to neglect all colour in my wardrobe (not that I have much to begin with). However, I've been loving the soft print on these amazing floral trousers. The watercolour design featured on the delicate crepe material make for a quite feminine piece, but contrasted against the boyish-ness of my stark white loafers and black boxed crop, it makes for a great combination. This outfit's feminine and masculine contrast is highly reflective of who I am, and how my style has transformed as my interest in fashion has grown. 


Shoes: Zara | Shirt: Forever21 | Hat: HUF

Last weekend blessed us with beautiful weather, lord knows I was thankful for that.
Come fall, come the darker shades. Shedding off the colours of summer, and my blacks come out to play. I've become so simple and plain(jaein) - grey shirt, black skirt. But simplicity creates a clean look, that I can dress up with accessories.
Anyways, good luck with your midterms and all other future endeavours. Brb while I drown in my stress tears.
Just kidding...
(not kidding)

Much love,
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Friday, 3 October 2014

Jacket: Zara | Tee: Aritzia | Skirt: Mango | Shoes: Report

Mother Nature has been kind, and so I'm very gratefully attempting to wear all the skirts in my closet at least once before it cools down. This amazing ombre skirt that I purchased in August has been longing to be worn, and there was no better weather than this week to do it. I paired the skirt with this graphic tee from Aritzia that I know everyone and their mother has ... but I love it just the same. The oversized denim jacket is a relatively new favourite that I purchased in the Zara summer sale (apologies to my old denim-moto jacket if you're reading this). Not only does it have the semi-distressed look that I was hoping to find, but it's also the perfect length. The variations of blue give this almost all-white outfit new life, reviving feelings of summer that make fall a thought of the past.

Praying this weather sticks around,
Love Steph

Jersey: Champs | Shoes: Bamboo

Guys I'm falling for all these fall colours (lol punny). Burgundy has found its way into my heart by looking so good with my hair - hehe. My baseball jersey has surprisingly become a staple this season and I find I'm wearing it all the time - to class, to the bars, to wear around the house... I can literally pair it with anything, from a LBD to leggings and a loose tank. Another thing I love about the baseball jersey is that it makes the most simple outfits look not so simple (ja feel?) My look is literally comprised of 3 things - ripped tights, black booties and my jersey. 

Be right back while I cop jerseys in every colour/pattern/material, 
Jaein xo 
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Friday, 26 September 2014

The first week of fall has been the nicest weather we've had all summer. I'm a little weather confused, but also I'm not complaining.
My favourite new pair of shoes are my leather boots. Thrifted them at Talize in London, real leather, block heel, black... greatest thrift find of my life thus far. I've been wearing them non-stop cause they pair so nicely with just about anything - leggings, tights, jeans, etc. They're the perfect fall boot.
I would also just like to extend a very warm thank you to my favourite human being, Carter, for letting me cop his swag by lending me his bomb bucket hat - he gets how much I love it.

It's good to be back,
xoxo Jaein

T-Shirt Dress: Brandy Melville | Vest: Mink Pink from Leslie's Clothing | Heels: Aldo

Despite the bipolar weather, this week has settled on being a relatively nice one. As a result, I've decided to take this opportunity to pull out my vests that I had so unwillingly put away earlier this month. Vests are a slightly more difficult piece to sport in the Fall, since they're not quite warm enough to be used as a jacket. However, this amazing faux leather vest that I recently purchased on Richmond is becoming a September staple. It features beautifully coated black zippers, and pairs perfectly with my favourite t-shirt dress. Despite its' blue and white stripes, the outfit including these strappy heels create the perfect "monochrome" look.

Much Love,
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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Kimono: H&M | Tank: AA | Shoes: Deena & Ozzy | Hat: Dark Seas Clothing

Shedding off this winter paleness has become an everyday struggle, but good things take time and I need to ready myself for my favourite season - summer, aka shorts and tank weather.
The summer sun makes me lazy, and what's easier than pairing a black body suit tank with jean shorts... oh oh tee dee yo. Speaking of simplicity, American Apparel is my favourite brand for the season (or for every season...) - simple crops and body suits that you can incorporate into literally any outfit, bless.

Also please take a moment to admire my go-to pair of sandal pumps. Oh my gaaaaaad I seriously cannot begin to explain how comfortable they are - not to mention it adds an edgy flare to my outfits.

The weather is a little up and down at the moment, but I have a good feeling about the upcoming days. I can't wait for it to be beautiful everyday ~

ex oh ex oh,

fashion blog

fashion blog
fashion blog

fashion blog

Vest: Wilfred | Top: Zara | Jeans: AE | Flats: Crown Vintage | Bag: Beracamy Paris

So far, the weather has been pretty bipolar. About 80% of the time it's raining, and the other 20% involves weather that is either burning hot, slightly too cool, or humid, which is the absolute worst. I've been trying to soak up as much sun as possible in order to get a little colour on my skin (can ya tell? probably not). This white Wilfred vest is one of my new favourite purchases that I know will be a perfect contrast against my soon-to-be tan. It's a bright, clean-cut piece with a crisp feeling to it that is perfect for summer layering. 

If you didn't notice, I'm also sporting another new purchase - my beautiful bright pink Beracamy shoulder bag. It is amaaaaazing, to say the least. The chain should strap is intertwined with a soft strip of red leather, and the fuchsia calf-hair flap makes a bold, yet surprisingly sophisticated, statement. If you can't tell, I'm in love. 

As always, thanks for taking the time to check out our blog.

Much love,
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