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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Before Fall finally sets in, we thought that we would attempt to squeeze in a final post featuring lighter layers (if any at all). It's been a busy couple of weeks, and so it was nice to let loose and enjoy the warmer weather earlier this week.

When the temperature drops, I have a tendency to neglect all colour in my wardrobe (not that I have much to begin with). However, I've been loving the soft print on these amazing floral trousers. The watercolour design featured on the delicate crepe material make for a quite feminine piece, but contrasted against the boyish-ness of my stark white loafers and black boxed crop, it makes for a great combination. This outfit's feminine and masculine contrast is highly reflective of who I am, and how my style has transformed as my interest in fashion has grown. 


Shoes: Zara | Shirt: Forever21 | Hat: HUF

Last weekend blessed us with beautiful weather, lord knows I was thankful for that.
Come fall, come the darker shades. Shedding off the colours of summer, and my blacks come out to play. I've become so simple and plain(jaein) - grey shirt, black skirt. But simplicity creates a clean look, that I can dress up with accessories.
Anyways, good luck with your midterms and all other future endeavours. Brb while I drown in my stress tears.
Just kidding...
(not kidding)

Much love,

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