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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hey everyone, we're back.

It's been a long and busy summer (not to mention a busy first few weeks of school) but Steph and I are so happy to be back and posting. Since we both attend the same university, we promise to be consistent with our blog. We're too keen to quit anything we started!!! (One of the things we like to tell ourselves). But yes, keep checking in, cause we have so much coming.


Trust me when I say that no one has felt the temperature change more drastically than me. My summer wardrobe consists of 98% crop tops. With the weather getting colder, my beloved crop tops seem like an inappropriate outfit choice. But I just can't part ways with them - so fuck it, I won't. I've adopted a life hack to keep my mid-drift warm - high-waisted pants. God bless high-waisted pants. Another habit I've gotten accustomed to is the whole 90s-child-tie-your-sweater-around-your-waist technique. The weather can't make up it's mind and wants me to work around a low of 5 degrees in the morning and a high of 21 in the afternoon. Um, ok. Also, I have to say thigh-highs are a gift from above. Warm legs whilst wearing shorts? Thanks. 
But yes, I miss summer, but my wardrobe's transition has been smooth thus far. Not to mention I'm super stoked about fall and all the trends and colours it comes with. SO IN LOVE (with you guys)... bye. 


So far, being back in London has been pretty good for me. This week will be our third week back on campus, and time seems too have flown by in the blink of an eye. While my anxiety about school is slowly building, I am comforted by the fact that Fall is just around the corner. Unlike Jaein, I am more than happy to pack away my summer clothing. Good riddance (until next year). I've been dying to pull out my warm knits, leather pants, and the abundance of beautiful boots that have been sitting in my closet for the past 6 months. Despite my excitement for the upcoming season, I seem to be dressing myself for temperatures that haven't come just yet. 
This week Mother Nature has provided us with some pretty decent weather, and while it's no Fall, I'll take it. This kind of weather is actually perfect to sport some of the thinner fall/spring jackets I have hanging around, in combination with some cute dresses (both knee length and midi). Graphics and prints are a huge thing this Fall, and I can't wait to pair some print-on-print outfits. I also recently purchased these amazing white, sliced leather d'Orsay flats. They're the perfect flat to transition me from Summer to Fall, because let's get real, white is the shade of every season. 

Much Love,

We really hope you guys come back to check out more posts. We have so many more to come (and on a more regular basis), we prooomise okay?

- Steph & Jaein 

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