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Monday, 20 January 2014

We're back from our Winter break, and welcoming 2014 with open arms. The weather has been at extremes in the past couple of days, but we're feeling good after some "me-time" spent appropriately devouring loads of home-cooked meals. Before we start of with anything new, we just wanted to look back on TWOSUM's very first year in the blog-mosphere (rhyme unintended).

Here's a breakdown of our top four most viewed posts:

1. "Meet Us" - Our initial post introducing who we are (Steph & Jaein) for the online world to read. The process of getting to this single post was long and slightly stressful, but we couldn't have been happier to reveal our new baby. We learnt the hard way, after taking these photos, how awkward it can be to photograph in public, and how difficult it is to look "casual" like other bloggers do .....

2. "Fall Back" - We spent our first summer as a blog pretty busy with work and other life-related stuff, so our second real lookbook post after 'Meet Us' was essentially a nod to the Summer gone, and a peek-ahead at the Fall to come. This was our first post and photo session that we had done on Western's Campus, and we tried really hard to find the least busy spot in order to attract the least amount of attention we could (there basically isn't a spot that exists like the one I'm describing).

3. "And then there was snow" - We were really lucky with this post, and were able to take these photos literally the day before a huge snowstorm dropped on London. So yes, it looks pretty warm ... but no, it was really cold.

4. "Cold Weather Blues" - These photos are probably some of our favourites on the blog. The setting sun made our outfits pretty difficult to see, but we really love the mood of these photos. The title in itself perfectly captures how we were feeling about school, our lives and the weather. Finals were coming up, so we were just about stressed out of our minds.


If you didn't catch it yourself, the title is supposed to be a pun-ny play on our blog name. We hoped you got a good read out of this post, as 2013 has been a really big year for the both of us. We wouldn't have the motivation to continue writing our posts (especially with school), if it weren't for the love that all our friends showed us. So cheers everyone, in hoping that you're all are having a great start to the new year.

Much love,
Steph & Jaein

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