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Nail Notes: Marchesa x Revlon

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hi again,

As usual, we're late to post. However, it was absolutely necessary for us to write about this (sort of) new and favourite beauty product on the market. For those who have yet to check them out, the recently released Marchesa x Revlon nail appliques are a must have for the Fall. This latest designer collaboration has hit it right on the mark, receiving much attention and positive critique.

Partnering with an iconic brand such as Revlon allows for the Marchesa's show-stopping designs to be more easily wearable and accessible to the public. While we most likely won't have a reason (or the money) to showcase one of their gowns anytime soon, we sure have a reason (and the money) to rock these new nail appliques.

One pack retails for $9.99, including a total of 18 appliques. While it may seem pricey, it's good to remember that these are an extremely detailed and limited edition, designer collection. Eighteen appliques seem like an odd number to package, but because the prints are so busy, a great way to save use is to apply just one applique per hand as an accent nail.

Check out the collection of eight limited edition texture inspired by the collection's own dresses:

Here are our favourite designs, paired alongside dresses form the collection that inspired them:

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  1. OH wow, those appliques are GORGEOUS. I've used ones like it before, but never thought to just do an accent nail. GENIUS! Also wanted to thank you for linking up with The Collective this week :)