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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The cold is slowly creeping up on us and we're already saying goodbye to Fall. Not to mention our days seem significantly shorter now that our clocks have been winded back an hour. With less sun and with our busy school schedules, we can't help feel a little blue. Nonetheless, thoughts of home and Christmas break are making life a little less stressful.

School is literally so hard and I'm not lying when I say I hit rock bottom at least 10 times a week. Just kidding (not actually) but midterms are FINALLY over and I have a few more weeks to breathe before finals start.
I don't know if it's my grungy mood affecting my grungy outfit choices, but I've noticed that everything I put on nowadays is black, white or grey (I don't hate it though...) Hence, this all-black, all-pleather outfit. I've also become a huge fan of dark red lipstick, it's sort of perfect for the up-coming winter season.

Much love,

Last week we saw our first snowfall here in London - a clear reminder to bring out the knits and most importantly, spray some waterproof protector on all my shoes. Less sun and shorter days seem to have put me in a sort of daze, and the cold wind seeping through my jacket is a constant reminder to layer up before heading out. Unfortunately, I'll have to retire my faux leather jacket and midi skirts until next Fall, as sporting them during the Winter is seemingly impossible here. Cheers to one last wear before the cold weather gets the best of us all.

Keep warm and see you all soon,


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