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Monday, 7 April 2014

Hey friends,

Our blog's philosophy has always been to bring you guys an array of styles as exhibited by our completely different taste in fashion. This month we decided to do something different; we decided to establish a new monthly series featuring some of our friends in order to bring even greater diversity to our blog.


This month, meet Kevin Watts.

Aside from being a biomed student at Western, Kevin also has a strong interest in clothing and individual style.

Q: Who are your main style icons?
A: ASAP Rocky and Kid Cudi

Q: How would you best describe your style?
A: My style is clean, and minimalist. Street style, but more like luxury street style. Not just Supreme - designer, but not a brand whore. I also hate colours, I only fuck with shades.

Q: Why is fashion important to you?
A: It's like wearable art. I'm really into art - but not that good at painting. I like being different. It's refreshing to see people wear different shit.

Jeans: Nudie, Hoodie: Robert Geller, Jacket: Barbour

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